Enebakk, Norway. Tuesday 18th of July 2019,

Dear Sirs, 

Kindly be advised that due to our original design of the prototypes have changed so much since the first design, it is no longer viable to call the upcoming product for The SOScase anymore as it is now a standalone personal security alarm, so we have decided to change the name to The SOS Alarm.

Please note that this is just a minor change of the product name. The company behind the former SOScase and now The SOS Alarm is still the Norwegian company:

Roji AS (Norwegian registration number: 914 616 476)

For more information please refer to the Norwegian Official Company Registrar: Brønnøysundregistrene

An english translation can be found here: European Business Register

Further information about us can be found at the: Norwegian Yellow Pages

We will launch our product on September 1st. 2019 at the Norwegian Crowdsourcing site

International launch will commence on November 1st. Information will be updated on month in advance on our website.

Some new contact details

Instagram: @the_sos_alarm
Twitter: @thesosalarm
Facebook: The SOS Alarm

Kind regards,

Kashif Iqbal
founder & owner